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Fixed prostheses

Press, CAD / CAM

Digital photography directly on the patient

DSD (Digital Smile Design): technical software


Production of structures or anatomicl teeth in zirconia or lithium disilicate

Scanning, design and milling of zirconium oxide, pmma, wax and other materials


Classic method with flask and clamp

Method with self-clamping flask

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Lithium Disilacate

Creation Ceramic

Heat-Curing Candulor 

Ivoclar Teeth

Lithium disilicate is characterized by a high resistance,

in addition to being worked with CAD / CAM systems it can be milled or pressed.

Highly aesthetic, suitable for monolithic or being layered with porcelain.

It allows the application of a conservative dentistry, indicated

for veneers, inlays and onlays, minimally invasive overlays and crowns.

Creation ZI-CT is an innovative ceramic in feldspar reinforced with leucite,

developed to respond with maximum precision to the CET value of the most varied prostheses

and armor in zirconium oxide from translucent to white to colored ones.

The high content of pure potassium feldspar guarantees a similar light diffusion

to that of natural teeth, while offering a brilliant color.

Furthermore, the micro-thin structure of the leucite crystals improves

mechanical stability, for a highly resistant result.

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